Who is the 16 Week Online Weight Loss Boot Camp For?

Anyone with a goal this year. 

When we set a goal, the hardest part is the follow through. We tend to set a goal when we are full of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes the motivation comes from not feeling good about our current state, sometimes you want more from life, and sometimes you simply want to feel healthier and have more energy.

Whatever the reason, it is awesome you are ready for a change or thinking about your health.

The problem with goal setting is life gets busy, and our best of intentions tend to fall to the side. Our “why” cannot compete with old engrained habits or busy lifestyles. And without the tools in place to create real change, our goals often lose their steam shortly after setting them and then next thing you know a few days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and then months turn into a full year, and the next thing you know your goal has passed you by. The hard part is when a goal has passed us by it affects us on an emotional level.

As a certified fitness coach for the past 20 years, I have seen incredible transformations. I have seen the busiest people with the odds stacked against them accomplish remarkable changes in their physical and emotional health. They literally changed the course of their life by making a decision that the time is now.

Once you make the decision that you are ready for change, the next step is understanding that change does not habit with one giant life change. It happens with small doable daily action steps that over time lead to huge results. Long term success stories come from people who lost a few pounds each week and over time those few pounds added up. That is how I lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off. I did not go on some crash binge diet or exercise myself to death. I made the process fun and rewarding and over time people started to notice the changes. Some weeks I saw weight loss and some weeks I didn’t, but I never let that discouraged me. I regrouped and kept going and I asked for help and support when I knew I needed it.

When it comes to helping people, nothing gives me more joy that seeing my clients regain their confidence and do things they never imagined possible. But with 2020 and Covid, I also saw people struggle with life and I knew going back to my roots with a program that worked so well for so many people needed to make a return. Many people shared with me they felt lost, stressed, tired, full of anxiety, and trying to hold it together. And with no change in sight for the next little while, why not have something to look forward to and that helps you reach your weight loss goals.

I designed the 16 Week Online Weight Loss Boot Camp Program with accountability and follow through at the forefront of my mind for the community. I know that people always have the best of intentions and really do want to improve their health and lose the weight, but it is hard. And that is why I designed this program using the Thinkific platform which provides a personal dashboard so you can easily follow along and reach lots of small goals along the way. This program is about giving you tools for success with the support of me, your coach, and a like-minded community who will cheer you on!

The dashboard is a place you go to each day for a quick check-in. You also have a place to connect with your community who are also on a similar journey. As you progress through the program, more content will be release and on your workout days, you simply login to the dashboard and you will see the link to join the workout. If you miss a workout, we will post the recording that day.

Weight loss is not easy, whether your goal is 10 pounds or a 100 pounds. It still takes the same principles of consistency, changes in nutrition, follow through and fitness. But with a program surrounded by like-minded people, your chances of success exponentially increase.

So if you are not sure if this program is for you, ask yourself what is your goal. Then next ask yourself, what do you need to be successful on accomplishing your goal. If your answer is accountability, follow through, a supportive team of coaches and community, and tools to make things easier then this is the program for you.

I have seen incredible changes in people on the inside and out from something as a simple as a 16-week program and I invite you to join us this January and invest in yourself.

To learn more, visit our website www.innerfitweightlossbootcamp.com or email me and I will happily answer your questions 🙂


Rachel Seay

BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Coach & Educator Since 1999

We Are Not Breaking. We Are Not Broken. We Are Unfolding.

We are not breaking, we are not broken, we are unfolding.

When news first broke about this virus, as a business owner of a fitness studio, I will admit I was scared. Honestly, “scared” is not the right word, I was downright terrified.

I thought to myself, “How could a virus wipe out a business I had put my blood, sweat, and tears into for the past 14 years?” I never imagined I would have to shut the studio down, let alone worry about closing the doors forever.  I thought to myself, “two weeks, no problem we got this (in true Inner Fit spirit),” but then the reality set in that two weeks was a blip into the reality of this.

I don’t know about you, but the last few days have been sobering. Today as I taught my online classes, my heart felt so heavy. I simply missed my Inner Fit community today. Don’t get me wrong, I am having a blast doing the online fitness classes we created with the AMAZING Inner Fit community, but tonight I missed their hugs, the laughter and smiles, the late-night conversations after class, the in-person energy and fun, and I even miss their cursing (you know who you are).

It is hard because we just want things to go back to the way there were before we took it all for granted which may or may not have lead to an epic cry in my truck. You know the kind of cry where you turn the windshield wipers on thinking it is raining, but nope, it’s just your tears causing the blurred vision. But don’t worry, for me, tears are healing, and I welcome the emotions to flow because it pushes me to get uncomfortable.

Change is hard and there is a lot of change taking place right now. Change makes us uncomfortable and when we cannot see a clear vision of our future we get unhinged, we get reactive, we shut down, and we do not grow nor do we allow new experiences or people that could change us for the better in. But there is so much beauty in change. It rips us out of old patterns that were no longer serving us, even if it doesn’t feel good right away. And right now, this virus is ripping us out of some really old patterns and I believe there will be good to come from this.

I also choose to believe this moment right now is offering us a chance to pause and see what and who is important to each of us. It’s a moment to be grateful for the good people in our lives, a moment to change what needs to change, and a chance to slow down and do some inner work.  It also has opened up doors for many business owners because it has forced us to get uncomfortable and step outside our boxes and do everything we can to make it out of this and sometimes we need that push.

The scary part is right now we may feel like it has taken away our tomorrow but this is also an opportunity to see what you have taken for granted in the past too. Who have you put off seeing to tomorrow because you were too busy or what did you say you would do today but then said tomorrow? Fitness comes to mind lol

So perhaps when we return to a new “normal,” there will be clarity for each of us as to what we thought was important before and what is truly important now. I know now how much I value the warmth of a hug, seeing my members each day,  and the great outdoors (man I miss my mountains). 

I believe our reality is not broken; it is merely unfolding to show us a new path and to appreciate what and who we have in our lives.

In the unfolding phase, I highly suggest connecting with people who you know will lift your spirits and stay connected with them. The Inner Fit community is keeping my spirits up every time they log in and smile and I invite you to join us anytime for a workout online www.innerfitstudios.com

Let’s unfold together and see what this beautiful life has to offer us … #innerfitstrong 


With Love and Hugs …

Rachel Seay,

Owner of Inner Fit Studios



Are We So Obsessed with Instant Gratifications That We Cannot Find Long Lasting Joy?

I often wonder if we are becoming complacent as humans. Are we so used to instant gratification that we don’t see the value in striving for things that will ultimately bring us much more joy than a moment of instant gratification?

Did we get so used to clicking “buy now” and waiting for the doorbell to ring that we have forgotten about taking care of our bodies which literally are the only home our souls have to live in? Have we completely become obsessed with the pursuit of instant joy that we cannot remember that happiness comes from accomplishing things we never thought possible by working towards it? Gosh, I sure hope not. Continue reading →

Rachel’s Why Behind Creating a 42 Day Challenge …

For the past 12 years, I have observed countless challenges at Inner Fit Studios. One person walks away as the big winner, losing the most % of body weight, while the others, who started off strong in the challenge, get frustrated and end up throwing their hands in the air while saying, “F&*$ IT!, I am not going to win anyway so what’s the point?.”

It’s a little bittersweet as the winners and close top 10 worked really hard, but several gave up fast.

What I love about any challenge is seeing those who did amazing and lost the weight. It’s such a wonderful thing to see when people achieve their goals and the results of their hard work is so inspiring! Continue reading →

The Truth Behind “Rest Days” 💕

Rest Vs. Active Rest

No, taking a rest day doesn’t mean you should be sitting on the couch eating chips, chocolate or cookies all day long. This, as you might imagine, won’t do you much good and could destroy all your progress from the week prior.

Instead, an active rest day is meant to be a light or easy day where you’re still moving, but not at the intensity level you normally move.

According to Athlete’s Edge, active rest:

“Involves performing light exercises (often swimming or cycling) that stimulate the recovery process without imposing undue stress on the injured body part.”

Taking an active rest day will quicken your recovery, making you feel stronger and faster when you’re back in workout-mode—as long as you don’t overdo it.

Plus, it’ll help you feel less sore and stiff after an extra tough workout day.

The perfect active rest day is indoor cycling at Inner Fit or a Yoga class. Choosing to not doing anything active is counterproductive to your training.

We live in a time where people rarely go for a walk longer than 30 minutes and the rest of our time is spent on the phones or watching Netflix or sitting around with friends. We simply need to move a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, period, or engage in one hour of exercise daily to simply be healthy as a baseline.

And I hate to be the one to break it to you folks, but we are not hard core athlete training 4-6 hours a day to deserve a “do nothing” rest day. Activity is very important for our daily health both emotionally and physically.

Wake up, kick off your “active rest day” with a cycle class on a Sunday morning versus “taking a rest day” and make it an awesome day. Cycling wakes up your mind by activating your brain, creates fluidity in you fascia and prevents injuries.

If you can’t make a morning class the odd time, make sure you get outside for a power walk as your active rest activity.

Let’s rethink the way we use the words “rest day” as they have a powerful affect on how our day unfolds.

When Are We Enough? 3 Tools to Help You Love 💗 Your Body Right Now!

Imagine if you stood in front of the bathroom mirror naked and loved every inch of your perfectly imperfect body? It’s hard to imagine isn’t it? It’s hard to believe that right now in this moment, we could be enough. Why is it so hard for us?

As a plus size fitness professional, I get it. You walk out of class feeling sweaty and awesome. Your drive home with the music cranked and feel proud for working out. Then comes shower time. You take off your clothes, stand in front of the mirror and the berating begins…

“You are so fat”

“Look at those rolls”

“That sagging skin is so gross!”

“Who would ever want to see me naked?”

“Is that another layer of flab on my back – what the fuck!”

“You disgust me!”

“I am never going to be skinny”

“Omg, my thighs!”

“Where did my belly button go?”

And just like that, those feelings of pride, happiness, and good endorphins disappear and the self loathing begins.

What if, for just a moment, you changed the way you saw yourself when you looked in the mirror? What if you chose to empower yourself and find gratitude for your amazing body? What if you viewed life as a journey, not an instant result?

In order to learn how to “be enough” I am going to ask you to come on a little journey with me. I would like you to go back to your 5 year old self. Imagine that sweet little human being who loved their body. Remember, those days when you felt free from all those gut-wrenching negative thoughts and you were your authentic self.

Let’s find that little human again so we can stand proud in the mirror and love our perfectly imperfect bodies. We become enough when we practice the following tools daily.

1. Practice Gratitude for Your Own Body …

Think about how much your body has gone through in your life. Take a moment and write down or reflect on any trauma your body has endured (childbirth, weight gain, injuries, weight loss, sickness, stress, divorce, life, heartache, etc.). It’s been through a lot hasn’t it? I imagine your answer is yes because all of our bodies have experienced changes.

The irony is, you have asked so much from your body and when you berate yourself, you are dishonouring every ounce of all of what makes you – you. Think about it …

Your heart on averages beats 108,000 times a day for you.  

Your muscles make it through every workout with you and they don’t give up on you.

Your lungs have continued to give you the gift of oxygen in order for you to breathe even after all the stuff you have inhaled.

Your liver has been filtering through all the processed junk you have put in body and it is still going strong (let’s hope).

Your pancreas is still functioning after all the sugar you put into your body day in and day out and is preventing your body from literally dying because sugar poisons your body.

This amazing body of yours has never quit on you, yet you selfishly put it down every time you have a bad day on the scale or don’t feel good in your clothes. When you have a rough day, try this “Thank you heart for beating 108,000 times in a day just for me.”

When you put down what’s on the outside, you are also putting down what’s working for you on the inside. 

If you want to learn how to practice gratitude, check out this awesome article. Gratitude literally changes the brain!

2. Let Go of the Pursuit of the Perfect Body

In order to be “enough” we must let go of the pursuit of perfection. You will never have the perfect body because it doesn’t exist. No matter how much weight you lose, you will never be happy with your body if you are in the pursuit of the “perfect body.”

The pursuit of anything in life is the dream killer. Happiness comes from being in the moment, not in the pursuit of something unattainable so no wonder shower time becomes so stressful – you cannot compete with a perfection that is impossible to achieve, you just can’t, so why try? This is why people who have surgeries continue to get more and more done because there is no such thing as the “perfect body”.

This does not mean giving up on setting and achieving goals when it comes to losing weight. Striving for goals is an important part of weight loss and your own health, but what I am saying is if you think reaching that goal will make you “happy”, you will shorty learn that the happiness that comes from weight loss is temporary. True happiness comes from being grateful for everything you have accomplished this far and honouring your struggles and wins in the process.

When you look in the mirror, know that you already have the perfect body (one that is working for you) and as you strive to continue to improve your body’s overall health, remember to love the body you have right now. As you lose weight, you will feel better (that’s a given) but if you don’t appreciate the journey, the weight will come right back on.

3. Practice “I Am” Empowering Statements on the Regular

“I AM Worthy”

“I AM Beautiful”

“I AM Grateful”

“I AM Fit”

“I AM Enough”

This is my favourite mantra. Why? Because it is filled with ooey-gooey good vibes. Remember, you become what you think about the most. If you think you’re worthy, you become worthy. If you think you’re fit, you become fit. If you think you’re enough, you become enough for yourself.

Final Thoughts

You are enough.

I have struggled all my life with weight. My body has been thin and it has been fat. At my heaviest, I was 340lbs (at least the last number I saw). At my thinnest, it was 151 lbs. I have lost over 90lbs and still working towards my goals every day. The best part, I am more confident now than I ever was at my thinnest. Why? Because I love my body and I am appreciate all the growth this process has taught me. My body has literally climbed mountains, ran countless marathons, survived knee surgeries, got me through 40,000+ hours of teaching fitness, and still it keeps going strong!

I look in the mirror naked every day and remind myself “I AM Enough” or when I like to make myself laugh, it usually sounds like this “Damn girl, look at that body you are creating” lol!

I could let the world tell me that I “should be” a skinny fitness professional so I “look the part”, or convince myself I need to be skinny to be loved or I need to be skinny to win someone’s approval but the best lesson I have ever learned is a person’s opinion of me is none of my business. When you allow people’s opinions of you to become more important than your own opinion, you wake up one day and don’t think you are enough but I am here right now to tell you that you are.

And the greatest gift struggling with my weight has given me is empathy for my clients. I know what it feels like and it makes me a better coach – so no, I don’t need to be an instagram bikini model to be an amazing and loving fitness coach. I am enough.

Let’s stop the berating in front of the mirror or any other time. Let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and be enough when we stand in front of the mirror naked because our body is a constant evolving work of art.

Remember, your body is an amazing machine! Treat it kindly, fuel it with goodness, give it lots of exercise (daily) and stay grateful for all it has given you this far.


Said with love,

Rachel Seay

www.innerfitstudios.com (Best Fitness Community Ever!)

www.indoorcyclingteachingideas.com (Love to share my cycling ideas with instructors)

Photo Credit Jeremy Saunders (The Amazing)

@jeremyjsaunders instagram http://jjsphoto.ca/ 




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