We all start weight loss programs with the best of intentions. We hope for health and happiness for ourselves and a little “me” time to boot.

When we start a weight loss program, whether it’s weight watchers, a new gym, or a running goal, it usually begins by hitting some form of “rock bottom.”

Rock bottom can be defined as different things for different people. Sometimes it’s a number on the scale we thought we would never see. Sometimes it is seeing ourselves in a photograph. And sometimes it’s as simple as not fitting into our favourite outfi. Regardless of the reason, we feel bad enough that we want a change.

So insert the super awesome plan you created for yourself and all these good intention promises topped with roaring motivation – seems like a no brainer you would smash your goals right? Wrong, if t were that easy, we would all be rocking our goal outfit.

The truth is, our intentions are good but it’s the simple act of consistency and self talk that kills the motivation.

Did you know that it is action that creates motivation, not the other way around. Meaning, if you really want to reach your goals, you must take consistent action.

When we jump on and off the weight loss wagon, it costs us our motivation and often it’s tied to our confidence because we fear that we took so much time off that you must start all over again, but that’s simply not true.

Take fitness for example, if you had been working out regularily for a period of time, on the inside your body got healthier and fitter. Taking even a month off won’t have much affect on you aside from maybe some cardio breathing but it comes back fast. It takes months and months of inactivity to lose your hard work.

The same goes for dieting. We clean out our fridges vowing to never touch those gummy bears or cheesy puffs again and next thing you know your face and shirt is covered in fake orange crumbs. Crash diets make you hungry and do harm to your hormones.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to let go of the bandwagon thinking. Never start a weight loss program because you hit rock bottom, start it because you simply want to feel better and have some “me” time. Begin with 2 days of exercise and on the other days walking. As the weeks go on, add more fitness and soon enough you will be what we call the “regulars” which is a compliment because they are so consistent in their fitness and it’s a part of their daily routine because they know how awesome they feel every time they workout.

Same goes for food, have a few cheats a week and eat lots of whole foods throughout the week

Leave the band wagons for the sports fans and do yourself a favour and start today with a workout that will leave you feeling good about yourself and an eating plan that is full of good food.

Your worthy of feeling good and seeing results but you must be consistent and no one will do it for you, you must do you.

November is one of those months where life starts to get busy as the holiday season approaches. And what happens when people get “busy”? Their fitness is the first to get thrown to the side because they believe they can pick up where they left off.

But we all know what it looks like when we make fitness an “option” – the pounds pile on, the motivation to workout dissapears, and we don’t feel great about ourselves.

Fitness is one of the fastest ways to feel better! It’s an instant mood buster and can you imagine how you would feel if you stepped up your fitness for November?

This November, let’s super charge our goals and make coming to class a must, not an option.

Set Goals for November:

1. What one thing do you want to improve this month with your fitness?

2. What is the number on the scale that you want to reach?

3. How many classes can you attend in one month? Set a target for yourself.

How to Accomplish Your Goals:

1. Find an accountability friend to share your goals with.

2. Schedule your fitness in your phone calendar as a must, not an option.

3. Schedule your fitness by booking your classes for the next three days. Three day blocks are achievable and it always keeps you planning ahead.

4. Get real with your food. We all know what we need to do.

5. Get real with yourself. If what you have been doing hasn’t been working then change things.

6. Stop using the same is old boring stories about why you cannot succeed. Create a new story as to why November is your month.

What’s the Payoff?

It will feel pretty darn good over the holidays to have lost some weight in November in time for the holiday parties and family time.

Imagine how cool it would be to feel awesome in your party clothes or have your friends and family see changes in you!

And as always, the closer you are to your goal weight, the healthier your body is!

What’s the November going to look like for you??

They key to your success is the celebration of mini goals.

Little goals along the way keep you proud of your self and help you feel like they are achieveable.

Start with setting one small goal this week such as lose 3 lbs, attend 3 classes, weigh in each day for 7 days, or meal prep for 7 days.

Come up with a goal that excites you but that you do have to work towards, because nothing worthwhile is easy,

Create a goal that you know you can accomplish so you can do a celebration dance at the end of the week.

What’s your mini goal this week? Write it down somewhere in your office or on your phone that you will constantly have a visual of your goal so it’s on your mind.

An easy thing to do for a visual is a white board or chart with your goals on it.

At the end of the week, celebrate in a little way that you rocked it and write it down what you accomplished and at the same time, write down your next goal.

You Got This!

What happens when the Inner Fit community gets together for a great cause?

You get a ton of amazing effort, incredible costumes and $1900 raised for BC Children’s Hospital and this is just the start towards our efforts to raise money for Sick Kids in BC during our 10th Anniversary year in business.

Thank you to everyone who participated and who donated, it meant a lot to us!

To make a donation, follow our link here.

Big Thank You to Jeremy Saunders and his beautiful photography and capturing the event with us!

Inner Fit is more than a fitness studio, we are a community of friends of all fitness levels, ages, backgrounds and both men and women. We workout together and give back together. Join the fun, visit us online at http://www.innerfitstudios.com

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We all know exercise is important, but for most people, joining a new fitness facility can be intimidating. At Inner Fit, we wanted to create a class that is welcoming and something to look forward to twice a week.

The Low Impact Fit Camp is a strength training class that uses weights and light forms of cardio that require no jumping. We will use a variety of equipment for the cardio portions such as spinning, sandbags, kettlebells and battle ropes and more! This is 100% beginner friendly (whether you have exercised in the past or not).

The body need exercise to age in a healthy way giving you the muscles you need to enjoy life. You will feel a difference in your energy, strength, and body.

This class is the perfect place to start a fitness program or return to fitness. It runs 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 630pm starting September 5.

What’s the cost? We offer a 10 session class pass for $135 which doesn’t expire so you can pay as you go, or we offer an unlimited monthly pricing option. We have specials on for the month of September.

Start Date: Tuesday September 5th at 630pm

Sign Up Today and Save! Join visit us online at www.innerfitstudios.com and start off with our One Week Free Pass!

We know starting a fitness program is scary and our goal is to take the scary out of fitness. Exercise gives you the gift of aging in a healthy way and learning how to make it part of your daily life can change you not only on the outside with weight loss, but also change your body on the inside.

Exercise is also helpful for just feeling better and in a day and time of life being overwhelming and stressful. After a workout you always feel better. There is something magical about the post sweaty workout where your endorphins are high, your mood is better, you feel happier and you feel like you have way more energy.

Inner Fit would love to show you that you can feel awesome every day by adding a couple workouts into your life. So we are inviting you to our huge Open House on August 24 from 530pm to 730pm and inviting you to stop by and tour our studio, meet the community and coaches, and learn about how easily you can feel better with a couple classes a week.

For more information, visit our invite on Facebook with this link. We hope to see you there!


One day you wake up and there you are, unhappy with the reflection in the mirror. You ask yourself, “how did I get here?”, “how did I let it get this bad?”, and you find yourself filled with anger, frustration, and sadness. No one deserves to feel like that.

The first thing to know is – you are not alone. We all live having the best intentions to help others, be a good parent, be a good employee, volunteer, be a good spouse; but at the end of the day, there is little left for yourself. Life is just so busy today!


So how do you find a balance in life and take care of you in the process? It starts with deciding to take action and find a way to incorporate everything that’s important to you but to also learn to let go of what isn’t serving you. You can’t make time for something new if your stressed with everything you feel you have to do.

Let’s start by taking out a pen and paper or open up your notes app in your phone and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Who are the people that are important to me and fill me up when I am with them? 
  2. Who is taking energy from you and you need to let go of so you can make time for you and caring for yourself? This is a tough one for a lot of people but you can’t be with the people who are important to you if your energy is going to someone who doesn’t deserve it.
  3. What things are you doing in your life that bring you fulfillment? 
  4. What things are you doing out of obligation that are not serving you or your future? This is also a tough one because it is usually tied with guilt, but it will serve you to let go of situations that cause you stress.
  5. How many hours in a week are you taking care of you? Make a list of exactly what you did to take care of you. Do this so you can really see how well you are caring for yourself.

The reason you start here is so you can map out how to let go and make space for the important things in your own life.

We all know exercise is good for us, but seriously, what’s the point if you can’t lose weight right? Wrong.

Exercise is not about the workouts, exercise is you taking care of you. It is a couple hours a week that will not only help you feel good post workout, but also help you feel better all day and into the next day.

Exercise has this magical effect on the human body, and those who exercise regularly can back up that statement. It is especially profound for those who are struggling to get through life when the kids are young or work is stressful or life is throwing you challenging, that is when you need it the most.

Exercise literally lights up the brain. You make better decisions and are in a more rational place after you workout. Imagine if you went through life in a decreased stress state and instead in a happy state? Your life would look a lot different.


But I am afraid to start? Who isn’t afraid to try something new? Who isn’t nervous about being vulnerable? We all hard, it’s part of being human. What I can tell you about Inner Fit is that it is one of the most awesome places to start your fitness journey and use it as time for you.

It’s not about the workout, it’s about a few hours a week for you. A long term client Mel always says she gets excited to get into the car and come to class because it’s her time and while she loves her family, it’s time she gets for herself 3-4 hours a week. Mel has lost 60lbs and kept it off for over 5 years.

The Results will come! When you make the time for yourself a few hours a week with something that is productive such as a fitness, there is a greater payoff and that is slowly seeing a body you are loving that is healthier and happier. The thing to remember is it doesn’t happen over night or in a month, it takes 6-12 months to see substantial changes but as we have seen at Inner Fit, the slower you lose it, the easier it is to keep it off.

Where do you go from here? Come visit us. We want to help you. Inner Fit is a friendly facility where our members love to meet new members. Start with 2 hours a week. It’s really that simple. Give us a call 6043151656 or text or email rachel@innerfitstudios.com and let me help you get started. Visit us online www.innerfitstudios.com. Download the Inner Fit Studios app and try our one week free trial.

I hope you get to look in the mirror one day and have positive thoughts, because that’s what you deserve because you are awesome and you deserve to feel that way. #startwithinnerfit

Rachel Seay 🙂

Founder of Inner Fit Studios