Let the Dragon Boat Festival Begin!

One of the things that I love most about fitness is the ability to transfer what you do in the studio to what you can accomplish in the real world.

Training for any sport take dedication and patience when learning new skills and several of our Inner Fit members have devoted themselves to the sport of Dragon Boating.

A big congrats to the Dragon Boat crew members from Inner Fit and everyone who competed this weekend! All I can see from the photos are big smiles and I know that means your all in your happy place. Great job ladies!


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Look at them Go! 110 km Bike & Half Marathons – Way to Go Girls!

A big congrats to Karen, Heidi, and Rachel for completing the Vancouver Scotia Bank half marathon in the heat. These three have rocked their run training and used their “Fit Camps” to help with their strength training. Not only did they all do a great job on the run but they made it through in the summer heat. Way to go girls!


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