Foam Fest 2017

Foam Fest – what a fun adventure! With 30 of our members geared up in goggles, water wings and matching shirts, this team hit the foam, mud and slides with conviction. There was no part of our white and pink socks that resembled the original colours.


Our journey began Thursday morning when Breanna, Matty, Heidi, Karen, Olivia and myself packed into the two trucks to hit the road. Within a few hours we arrived in Kamloops and stocked up at Costco to prepare for the weekend with our awesome team. When we arrived we saw 3 flights of stairs to our new home for the next three days and decided it was extra training for the event. Not going to lie, by the time we unloaded we were hot and sweaty!

As the first ones to the party, we did what any rowdy group would do – a 1000 piece puzzle (we know how to party). Who knew a puzzle could be so darn hard! We also went to work prepping for the weekend and creating the packages for the team mates which consisted of goggles, water wings, cool socks, vega pre workout, and a cookie by @sugarlustbakeshop.

 Thanks to Karen’s awesome sister, we had the pleasure to stay in a huge house with 16 of our team mates, making for great conversations and lots of laughs throughout the weekend and check out this view…

Friday night all the team mates were together and we got to get to know each other a little better, enjoy a Mexican Fiesta dinner and get excited for Foam Fest 2017! And yes, we may have still been putting together puzzles and playing cards against humanity!

Saturday morning we all rose with the sunshine and geared up for the big day! It was a tough job blowing up the water wings and getting the socks meant for a small child above our calves but we made it happen. We made time for some awesome team photos and then headed to the start line!

The start line was full of foam and eager team mates to get started. Emily our 9 year old team mate decided she wanted to pair up with Darcy and Derek because they were faster (too cute). When the gun went off we were all off. We split up into groups with people who were at similar paces. I had the pleasure to be with Jen H, Jen W, Heidi, Christa, Andrea and Olivia. We had a great time together! My goal was to get as muddy as I could. All the obstacles were a blast but the last death drop scared the crap out of me. I am not sure what was scarier – the climb up or the slide down or shooting out the canal! All I know is my heart was pounding for ten minutes after.

Team Inner Fit killed it and we all lived to tell the tale. It was all in all an awesome weekend and I had a great time with everyone who joined us! Thanks everyone for making this weekend fun! Until the next adventure 🙂

Rachel Seay

Founder of Inner Fit


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