Look at them Go! 110 km Bike & Half Marathons – Way to Go Girls!

A big congrats to Karen, Heidi, and Rachel for completing the Vancouver Scotia Bank half marathon in the heat. These three have rocked their run training and used their “Fit Camps” to help with their strength training. Not only did they all do a great job on the run but they made it through in the summer heat. Way to go girls!



Huge high fives to our coaches Breanna and Tania for also taking on this heat and killing their 110km MEC series race today. The girls have a big event coming up in a couple weeks and this was part of their training. These two have been dedicated all season to increasing the mileage on the road and that’s no easy task when both are working moms and coach at Inner Fit on the side, not to mention all the amazing energy they put into coaching and the community!

Proud of you two and all you have accomplished this year!


Rachel Seay

Founder of Inner Fit

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