Stepping Outside of Comfort

They say the best things in life are experienced outside your comfort zone and at Inner Fit, we believe this is true because we see the changes in our members when they try something they never thought possible.

This past weekend, two of our coaches and one of our members stepped outside their comfort zones and hit the road in the Penticton  Granfondo (160 km) and the Velocefondo (126 km) cycling event.


In order to complete such a huge distance with hills and heat, you must train. Training means going on long rides each week, strength training, and balancing life in-between.

Over the past 6 months the studio watched as coaches Tania and Breanna hit the road and increased their mileage. There were good rides and bad rides. There was a moment where we thought it was over because sometimes in training you hit a wall but with the right support and motivation you can bounce back.


Denise, a long time road rider was also there to encourage and help our coaches take on something that was new to both of them.

On Sunday July 9, all three hit the road hard and kicked ass. Not only did they rock it by stepping outside their comfort zone; but you could see that they discovered a love for racing along the way.

Life is filled with challenges but like everyone else we always have a choice to literally get back on the bike or walk through the studio doors or simply show up. Riding 126 kms and 160kms is not something you simply hop on and bike a do. You work for months adding mileage and finding the time to train.

With every ride, they pushed their comfort zone a little further. Something to remember is, stepping outside of our comfort zones doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it is little increments at a time that lead to the big moments like the finish line of a race.


Stepping outside of your comfort is a challenge when you life is busy. Tania, Breanna, and Denise are all hard working  moms but they made it happen because they made the choice to make it happen. They put all their doubts to the side and danced with their fears, instead of letting the fears win, and that’s what got them to the finish line with pride in themselves.

As humans, we create obstacles in our minds. Have you ever noticed that the most unlikeliest person is always the one who succeeds and often the ones who had to jump through the biggest hoops to get there, yet the one with everything on their side just couldn’t pull it together?

Why does this happen? Because life is filled with choices. We can choose to show up. We can choose to train. We can choose to not let our heads get in our way. However, you can also choose to stay in bed, skip a workout, eat an unhealthy meal, make excuses and tell yourself a story as to why something is too hard to try. But every morning you wake up you get a choice, it is up to you to decide what you want and how you are going to make it happen.

Life is beautiful outside your comfort zone. It is where your happiness is waiting to find you. When you accomplish something that challenges you both mentally and physically you become filled with a sense of pride and a smile that says it all.

Dream big for yourself. Find something that excites you. Simply show up because sometimes showing up is the hardest thing you have to do.

A huge congrats to these three beautiful ladies for demonstrating that if you really want something that time, money, fears, and schedules cannot stop you.


Inner Fit Studios is a community of like minded people who workout together and accomplish their dreams.

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Rachel Seay

Founder of Inner Fit

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