Coaches Adventure to IdeaFit 2017 Conference

Hot and Sunny Las Vegas (like a hot blow dryer to the face) is where our dynamic team of fun loving coaches headed to this past week (July 18-23) to learn from the best of the best in the world at the Idea Fit 2017 World Convention.

As the owner of Inner Fit, I believe all coaches must continue to add new tools to their teaching tool boxes to stay current and inspired to lead classes.

As coaches, it’s not easy to keep up with industry at the pace it is changing so sometimes the best thing to do is to step away from the studio do something fun with the team to bring back fresh ideas and take some well deserved time off.

I am also so incredibly grateful to have a team of coaches who all year long give back to the members and the studio.

Let the Adventures Begin… 

It was an adventure indeed with Tania, Jody, Breanna, Leslie and myself. We began our adventure Tuesday and it was full of fun, connecting, sharing ideas, and a tons of laughs!

Hats off to the coaches too because this conference was non-stop from 730am to 6pm for four full days.


I started off with the Schwinn Cycling Certification course. I have been teaching and certifying in the field of Indoor Cycling for 18 years but I still think it is important to stay current with the research.

I walked away from this awesome course inspired and excited to teach spin at the studio.

My fearless leaders were Jeffrey Scott and Amy Dixon who blew the course out of the park.

I also met lots of wonderful instructors and shared stories (I am like a proud mom talking about how much I love my members at Inner Fit).

My butt may have been sore but my brain was lit up!

The Conference 

This was an awesome conference because all 5 of us choose a variety of sessions to bring back as many ideas as we could.

Some sessions we were together and some we were solo, but none the less we all had a great time!

One thing that is tough is that for four days we are physically trying out hours worth of fitness concepts and ideas, which means, we all sweated our butts off all day long, but we loved every second of it!

We also tried a few new ideas…

And then Tania and Breanna found a dance party …

Oh the Spinning… 

OMG the Tradeshow was Insane!

And what’s Vegas without a few nights on the town..

And maybe a Magic Mike show…

What did we walk away with…

I think I can confidently speak for the team in saying we learned so much that it’s going to take us a few weeks to get through the content but come September we are excited to share fresh programs and methods of training that will help our members reach their personal goals and conquer their “why” to feel energized and confident!

We also got to spend time talking about the vision of Inner Fit and what we hope the next 10 years looks like.

Overall I had a blast and I am honoured to be surrounded by such awesome humans! Thank you Tania, Jody, Breanna and Leslie for a fun week together! Time to soak my body in Epsom salt!

Rachel Seay

Founder of Inner Fit

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