A Message from Founder, Rachel Seay

Oh the Ah-Ha Moments in Vegas!

They say change happens in a moment. We can struggle for a long time and then you hear, see, or experience something that changes everything. This was my recent experience in Las Vegas at the 2017 Idea Fit Conference.

I headed to Vegas filled with confusion, frustration, nearing burnout, and a sense of needing to step away from my business and came home with clarity and a feeling of excitement to be back in the studio.

vegas 3.jpg

Over five days I attended a variety of workshops and courses from marketing to spinning to step classes. I decided to have a well balanced approach because I wanted to bring new ideas to the classes but also learn how to grow my business.  

Inner Fit has been my passion and love for the past 10 years. She has seen me through some highs and some lows in life, and throughout all of it, she stuck it out with me. And when I refer to “she” I am referring to the community at Inner Fit. The community has been my rock!

Running a business comes with daily celebrations and challenges. Some days I am forced to ride what I call “challenge waves” where I need to sit with something and process a solution and other days I pinch myself and say “holy shit balls batman, I get paid to do this every day?!” Regardless of how my day goes, every day on my drive home, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible people, like you, and the coaches, who have helped build this community into what it is today.


The Conference Takeaways

In five short (and sweaty) days it feels everything changed for me and the future of Inner Fit. As many of you may know, these past two years were filled with personal struggles through my divorce and the direction I wanted to take Inner Fit. And for a long time, I battled with who Inner Fit is as a brand and what we represent. In one of the course I learned that I have been trying to accommodate everyone (guilty of people pleasing) and when I do that as a business owner I miss the big picture. What I needed was to step away from the studio and gain clarity and that is exactly what I received.

What I rediscovered is Inner Fit is a place where people begin their fitness journey. It is a place where there is support, a sense of community, where friendships are built, where non-scale and scale victories are celebrated, and where people discover they can do something they thought they once could never do. Inner Fit is also a place were you feel welcome at the door.  It is also a place where sometimes we are people’s first step and they go on to take on new adventures and sometimes we say good bye but knowing that I got to be a part of my journey fills me up with joy. Inner Fit is also a place where people call home because our coaches have the skill set to create progression in our workout plans.

In the past ten years, I can think of numerous stories that give me goosebumps where the community came together to pick someone up who needed help. How many gyms can say that? This is what makes Inner Fit special and I am proud to be part of this community not only as a business owner but as a coach and a community member. I can’t think of a better place to be when I am going through a tough time in life and when we get to celebrate accomplishments and transformations.

For so long I have tried to be everything to everyone. A place where people can randomly show up and pick and choose random classes that serve no purpose to their training, even if the classes are awesome. The truth is, if you want results you must do cardio and strength training and that is what our FIT CAMPS are all about.

vegas 6

Inner Fit’s Roots

At the foundation of Inner Fit is our philosophy that two days a week is the key to your success to live a long healthy life with strength in your bones and muscles, oxygen in your lungs, and a way to improve your emotional well-being.

Over ten years I have seen hundreds of success stories at Inner Fit with members who started with their two days and week and consistently to this day maintain that as a base and have kept their weight off.  Coach Jody was sharing her story in Vegas that to this day still gets her two days of FIT CAMP in each week as a member as a minimum and it has helped her keep her weight off.

Based on research we know two days a week of strength and conditioning (both are important)  will transform your health on the inside and out. Everything else is a bonus. When you plan out your fitness, start with your “FIT CAMPS”, then add your bonus flex classes to cater to your goals.

If your looking to improve your cardio then sign up for extra SPIN or HIIT classes.

If your looking to build more muscle tissue or love lifting weights, sign up for our LIFT classes.

Let’s get back to our roots and what worked so well for hundreds of our members and their weight loss success. Let’s make two FIT CAMP’s a week a priority for your own health. Let’s do classes with intensity and effort and if you’re struggling because you have lost your motivation or can’t seem to make it happen reach out to myself or the coaches because we are here to help you.

Intro to FIT CAMP

Coming this fall, Inner Fit will be bringing back our low impact “Into to FIT CAMP”. This program will help people feel more confident about starting fitness and encourage our community to grow and it may also open up the door to members who are looking for more low impact options in their FIT CAMPS without modifications. These classes will run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 630pm starting September (don’t worry spinners, we will still have spinning classes in the evening).

Spinning Classes and the Schwinn Method

Over the course of five days, all the coaches had a chance to spin with the Schwinn Program and I spent the first day re-certifying in their program to see what had changed (a lot!). What we all loved about the program was the 3 stages in each class, the dynamic music, and the emphasis on power while riding. There are many spinning programs out there but we all agreed this is a method that our members would get the most out of and we are excited to bring it back to the studio.

Tip: Too often “sprinting” is something people do with light tension but if you think about a finish line at a race on a bike outdoors, would you rather have a high gear or a low gear to get to the finish line? Same goes for spinning, always have lots of resistance on to challenge both the strength in yours legs and improve your cardio.


Nutrition and Weight Loss

If you have a goal to lose weight, nutrition is a must. Exercise will help you create a body you will be proud of and improve your health but if you work out and eat poorly, it’s time to get realistic about nutrition.

We are heading to supporting a program that works and that program is Weight Watchers. This company has come a long way with nutritional advice, an easy to use app, and weekly meetings and weigh-ins which will be coming to Inner Fit in the fall, more details coming soon.

The coaches and myself want you to be successful and we can do that with the right tools in place. If you combine nutrition and fitness you will be unstoppable!

How Can You Help Inner Fit Grow?

You can help by sharing your Inner Fit story on Facebook or social media. Tell your friends and family why you choose Inner Fit, how your health has improved, and invite friends to private message you if they are curious about joining. We love referrals because if you trust us with your family and friends it makes all us coaches feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Add the hashtag #startwithinnerfit and a link to our website www.innerfitstudios.com in August and be entered to win a day at the Scandinavian Spa in Whistler!

Are You a Past Member?

Inner Fit would love to invite you back to experience all that we have to offer moving forward and offer our one week trial pass to you. Inner Fit has a new app that the members love and it’s simple to download in your mobile device store, simply search  “Inner Fit Studios”.

A Moment of Gratitude

As of September 1, Inner Fit will be celebrating 10 years in business. I opened our doors September 1, 2007 during the downhill of the economy because I believed there was a better way to offer fitness in a fun and friendly facility. I had no idea it would become what it is today and I am more excited than ever for it’s future and I hope you will be on the journey with us as we open our second location in Langley in 2018!

Keep an eye out for our 10 year celebration with Adult Sports Day this September!


Rachel Seay


Founder of Inner Fit


  1. I look forward to getting back into the routine and fun at Inner Fit and making my health a higher priority. I’ve figured out that life chaos and demands are never going away, so somehow I’ll have to work around them. Can’t wait to see you soon Rachel.



    1. Rachel, I was so impressed with you when I certified in spin with you. I have followed your Facebook posts and now have read this blog. You are dynamic, inspiring and very strong, both in strength and spirit.! Happy 10 years!

      Lynn Grant



  2. Woo hoo Langley would be awesome. I really miss Inner Fit congrats on all your success and being a shining example and safe happy place for so may💕💐



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