Creating a Body You Love

“Exercise, through strength training and conditioning, will help you create a body you love. Nutrition, through clean eating, will help you burn off the fat to show off the body you love, created through exercise.” Coach Seay

It seems like we always have half of the equation figured out. Some of us have mastered exercising but still don’t feel happy with our weight, while some of us have mastered nutrition, yet feel frustrated by their body. Continue reading →

I Got This!

“YOU GOT THIS” is probably our most common catch phrase at Inner Fit and the reason why is simple – we believe you do “got this.”

Humans are capable of incredible feats and your coaches know that while the workout may be challenging, you are more than capable of rocking it (regardless of your fitness level).

Next time you doubt yourself, simple remember these three words, “I Got This” and watch your world change.


Finding Motivation

What is it with motivation?

We read self help books, watch youtube videos, read success stories in magazines all to feel inspired and motivated at the gym, but have you ever notice that motivation fades quickly?

The mistake people make is they think motivation comes first. Do you want in on a little secret? Motivation comes second to what successful people know all too well – taking action.

Weird huh? How does motivation come second to action? Here is what happens when our brains and bodies take action. First, you get to the gym (often kicking your heels) and you begin your workout. Within about 20 minutes your brain starts to activate more. All of a sudden you start to feel a little better. This is because the blood is rushing to your muscles to provide energy. As you continue your workout, your brain seems to be on fire. Have you ever noticed how problems seem solvable after a workout or you are less mad at something after you worked out? Imagine, 40 more minutes of your brain being activated. Continue reading →