Finding Motivation

What is it with motivation?

We read self help books, watch youtube videos, read success stories in magazines all to feel inspired and motivated at the gym, but have you ever notice that motivation fades quickly?

The mistake people make is they think motivation comes first. Do you want in on a little secret? Motivation comes second to what successful people know all too well – taking action.

Weird huh? How does motivation come second to action? Here is what happens when our brains and bodies take action. First, you get to the gym (often kicking your heels) and you begin your workout. Within about 20 minutes your brain starts to activate more. All of a sudden you start to feel a little better. This is because the blood is rushing to your muscles to provide energy. As you continue your workout, your brain seems to be on fire. Have you ever noticed how problems seem solvable after a workout or you are less mad at something after you worked out? Imagine, 40 more minutes of your brain being activated.


Think about it. When was the last time you worked out? How did you feel after? What did you notice that was different as opposed to “non-workout” days? Did you notice your house was a little cleaner? Perhaps you made a healthier meal? Did you feel a little more inspired to think about your goals?

By taking physical action, you are creating motivation through the activation of your brain. IMAGINE if you activated your brain every day for 45 minutes of fitness?

No SERIOUSLY, IMAGINE IT! Every day of brain activation – holy moly you would be unstoppable. Now think about someone you know who makes fitness a daily part of their life? What do you notice about their energy? What kind of shape are they in? What can they do that you cannot do?

You cannot get sustainable motivation from a TV show, a success story, a photograph, or a magazine. Motivation only comes after you take action and it is sustained through continued action. So if you have goals, write them down after your workouts. If you like to journal, do it after a workout.

The truth is in order to reach goals, make changes, or live in a body that you love – you MUST take action through exercise and eating clean. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to but you must take action.

Your 30 days challenge – workout for a minimum of 45 minutes each day and see where you are in 30 days. Take note of how you are feeling today by writing it down in your phone and then note your energy after 30 days. What differences have you noticed?

“Action Creates Motivation. Sustained Action Create Momentum. Momentum Makes Your Dreams Come True.” Coach Seay

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