Creating a Body You Love

“Exercise, through strength training and conditioning, will help you create a body you love. Nutrition, through clean eating, will help you burn off the fat to show off the body you love, created through exercise.” Coach Seay

It seems like we always have half of the equation figured out. Some of us have mastered exercising but still don’t feel happy with our weight, while some of us have mastered nutrition, yet feel frustrated by their body.

The truth is you need to have a balance of both along with a support system to get you to your goals.

When it comes to training, take the guess work out of it by joining fitness classes and having coaches create the workouts for you. And when it comes to nutrition, find a program that works for you.

You can have both. You can lose the weight and love your body when you hit your target goal – you simply have to work for it and at Inner Fit, we are no strangers to working hard because we have seen the results of hard work pay off!

Remember, you are who you are. A “skinnier” version of you is still you. If you were a kind person before the weight loss chances are you will be a kind person after. And if you were a jerk before, you will probably be a jerk after your weight loss.

Set goals that scare you and excite you, and combine exercise and nutrition for the deadly combo to weight loss.

You got this!


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