Today I Cheated on my Juicer – Juicing Made Easy

We all know juicing is good for us. It’s a power pack punch full of high density green nutrients but let’s face it – juicing is a pain in the ass, and that’s why I cheated on my juicer.

I love my Breville juicer (when I make the time to juice). She is smooth, she makes delicious juice and she fills my body with the good stuff, however, cleaning her seems to be what stops me from juicing more frequently.

So while I was making my coffee, I looked over at my nutri bullet and thought “hmmmm how you doing?”

I know this isn’t rocket science and I know the whole point of a nutribullet is to juice with the extra fibre, but I had never thought to cheat on my juicer until today.

Lately I have been feeling tired, stressed, bummed because of the weather and a wee bit lethargic, which for those who know me know this isn’t normal. I knew it was my food choices. I haven’t been eating junk, but I haven’t been eating my nutrient dense foods either.

This morning I was feeling beyond tired and the thought of juicing turned me off pulling it out from the cupboard, setting up my juicing station and getting going (even though I had all the ingredients I needed).

Then I looked at my nutri-bullet and thought “you make good shakes, I wonder if you can make good juice?”

I took a head of organic kale and dumped it in with water. The next thing I noticed was “wow, it looks just like juice” (I know a scientific breakthrough but by this point I had only had a 1/2 a cup of coffee lol).

After I was done with the kale I poured it into a larger container and did the same with 3 large oranges and a lime and mixed it with water and away it went, making a good juice with fibre.

Then I poured them into mason jars (okay let’s be honest, they were Prego Spegetti sauce containers) and voila – delicious juice!

Why am I sharing? Because let’s be honest, we all need nutrients in our bodies to fight diseases, fuel our bodies, make us feel good and the real truth – we just don’t eat enough of the good stuff for weight loss to happen. So this was my lazy hack for today and I am sharing it with the hopes you will try it out.

Now I have 3 days of juice and a minimal mess to clean up! Amen!


Rachel Seay

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