You Could Be Sabotaging Your Goals and Not Even Know It

Our feelings serve a purpose for many areas of our life, however fitness is not one of them.

When it comes to getting in workouts each week, so many people “see how they are feeling” when making their decision to workout or not.

When we give our feelings that kind of power it’s like giving a two year old a bowl of ice cream and saying “don’t eat it.” Of course the two year old is going to want to eat the ice cream, same goes for you when you don’t “feel” like working out. We know who wins – the feelings.

Think about it like brushing your teeth. Imagine what would happen to your teeth if you didnt brush them like your dentist recommends? The same thing happens to your body. Over time your muscles begin to atrophy, the fat cells increase in size because you are no longer burning off what you eat, and your moods get worse because your not regularly releasing the “happy” hormones.

Your workout plan needs to be scheduled in advance. And when it comes to Inner Fit, we are now allowing our members the opportunity to sign up for classes 7 days in advance so they can pre-plan their week.

So how are you sabotaging your workouts and not even knowing it?

By allowing your “feelings” to play a role in whether you show up to class or not.

Here is the truth – life can be hard, exhausting, stressful, painful but it can also be fun, playful and rewarding. They key to receiving what you desire in your life is always in your hands (no one is going to do it for you).

Your thoughts control your actions. If your thoughts are focused on the long term goal, you won’t allow your feelings in the moment to sabotage you because one missed workout turns into two and so on and so on.

Now once in a while there is an exception to the rule, and only you know the truth to that, so it’s up to you to ask yourself what’s more important to you in the moment.

I always remind myself if I am being defensive, chances are I was really creating a story in my head as to why I couldn’t do something because if there was something really stopping me it would be more of a “matter of fact” reaction than an “emotionally charged” response which always gives me insight as a coach when I ask people why they missed their fitnes.

At the end of the day we all know a great workout makes us feel way better and that’s all I want for you is to feel awesome about yourself through the happy hormones that come with fitness.

Exercise gives us energy, keeps our joints moving so they don’t stiffen up, helps us sleep better, improves our mood and the best part – makes us feel happy.

Let’s choose 2-7 classes a week to commit to every week. Open your Inner Fit Studios app, sign up for your classes and take your feelings out if it. Keep a regular fitness schedule so it becomes part of your life.

Best Tip Ever – Keep a money jar close by. Every time you bail on your fitness, put $5 in the jar. At the end of the month, give that jar to someone you don’t like 😫

Let’s rock our commitment to giving ourselves the gift of fitness to simply FEEL BETTER each day.

Rachel Seay 🙂

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