Screw the Monday Blues and Kick Ass this Week with 10 Simple Steps

Monday is your fresh start day. Let’s forget about the weekend “damage” and kick ass on our fitness goals this week.

Imagine how awesome you would feel by next Monday if you created a shift today? Or better yet, imagine how awesome you would feel at the end of an kick ass workout today?!

Here is 10 simple ways to kick the Monday blues in the butt and have a stellar week… Continue reading →

Stupid Goals! What’s the Point?

Why bother setting a goal? It is one more thing I can add to my failure list!

Sound familiar?

Goal setting seems to be something the “successful” people in life do. And if you do not think your worthy of experiencing joy for yourself, then what is the point?

Let’s start with asking yourself a question: Are you worthy of a little extra time to discover what you are capable of? Or is your time allotted to making everyone else happy and leaving yourself at the bottom of the pile?

People don’t one day wake up and say “I am not worthy”; it’s something that happens over time when life gets busy “adulting.” Continue reading →