Stupid Goals! What’s the Point?

Why bother setting a goal? It is one more thing I can add to my failure list!

Sound familiar?

Goal setting seems to be something the “successful” people in life do. And if you do not think your worthy of experiencing joy for yourself, then what is the point?

Let’s start with asking yourself a question: Are you worthy of a little extra time to discover what you are capable of? Or is your time allotted to making everyone else happy and leaving yourself at the bottom of the pile?

People don’t one day wake up and say “I am not worthy”; it’s something that happens over time when life gets busy “adulting.”

Can setting a goal really be more about the journey of self worth than accomplishing the goal itself? Absolutely, and I will share with you why.

A goal is about setting yourself up to get a little more outside your comfort zone.

Think about the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone and after it was done it was like you were on a high of disbelief with a side of pride?

For a lot of our members, it’s a memory of a tough challenge like Mudderella of the Grouse Grind that they experience this.

As you set new goals for yourself, you begin to place yourself outside of your comfort zone and outside that zone is where the good life resides.

When you think about setting a goal, set one that you can work towards completing (regardless of the timeline).

Also remember, it has noting to do with actually accomplishing the goal itself, think about the changes you create for yourself when you push yourself to get out of your own rut by striving towards that goal each day.

For example, let’s say your goal was to lose 75 lbs in a year. The end of the year comes and you have lost 50lbs. Imagine all the amazing things you have discover about your will to make changes, be consistent, and how much healthier you become in that period of time. Just because you didn’t lose that last 25 lbs does not mean your goal didn’t have value. I am willing to bet your self worth grew ten folds.

Let’s start to think less about goals as a chore and more as a key to feeling happy, feeling proud of yourself, and discovering your own self worth!

What’s Your Goal?

What are you going to learn in the process or what have you learned in past goals you have set. No ones journey is perfect, let’s let go of perfectionism and embrace all the goodness a goal can bring to you!

And remember, if you catch yourself using the time excuse over your own self worth, it’s time to do some time management in your life. Make time for you! You are worthy of it!

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