Screw the Monday Blues and Kick Ass this Week with 10 Simple Steps

Monday is your fresh start day. Let’s forget about the weekend “damage” and kick ass on our fitness goals this week.

Imagine how awesome you would feel by next Monday if you created a shift today? Or better yet, imagine how awesome you would feel at the end of an kick ass workout today?!

Here is 10 simple ways to kick the Monday blues in the butt and have a stellar week…

1. Get to the studio and sweat it all out. We all know our mood shifts for the better after a workout so start your week off with a sweaty workout today!

2. Make 3 good food choices today.

3. Drink lots of water for the next seven days by keeping a water bottle close by.

4. Invest in BCAA’s as your supplement this week which will help you preserve muscle tissue, burn fat, and help your hormones function better.

5. Enjoy a restorative yoga session and allow your body to stretch out and restore itself.

6. Go for a walk with a friend this week. Walking allows for grounding to occur which is a bilateral movement that activates the brain in a positive way.

7. Up your protein intake to help you feel fuller and prevents you from craving extra sugar this week.

8. Book 2 indoor cycling classes this week. The sweating in a cycling class releases happy endorphins and instantly changes your mood.

9. Find an accountability partner for the week who will keep you accountable to your classes. Share with them your goal and ask them to share theirs.

10. Enjoy some outside time on your work breaks. Pack your runners to work this week and go for a walk at lunch.

Each day we get to choose whether we just make it through the day and let our crazy lives own us or we can make the choice to do things that are healthy and will make an impact in the long term.

As your coach, I would love to see everyone aim for 5-7 classes this week and make fitness more about feeling better each day than anything else. When you sweat, it makes you happy, helps you sleep, changes your mood and allows you to deal with your stresses in a better head space.

Have a great week! I hope to see you in classes all week!

Coach Seay

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