If Weight Loss Is Your Goal, There Are 2 Numbers You MUST Know…

If your goal is weight loss, do you know your numbers?

So many people have an unhealthy relationship with the scale and it’s simply the society that most of us were raised in.

Over the years, people have slowly attached their self worth to the number on the bathroom scale and it is simply not true. Your worth comes from who you are as a human being.

The first number you should always know is your current weight. This should never be a guessing game of where you stand.

It’s time to start thinking of weighing yourself like the task of brushing your teeth. When you wake up, go about your business, brush your teeth, and step on the scale.

Your weight fluctuates daily, sometimes hourly, depending on what you have consumed.

Weighing yourself each day at around the same time gives you an idea of what your current habits have on you and also prevents large unaware weight gain.

There was a well written article about why weighing yourself each day is importnat for weight loss.

The second number you should know when having a weight loss goal is your end goal weight. If you have no idea where you are going, how is your brain going to figure out how to get you there?

When you know how much weight you need to lose to reach your goal and have a specific number in mind, you can stay focused on your goals daily.

This helps when you feel too tired to workout, simply think about “the goal number” and ask yourself “what you I need to do to get closer to my goal?” Chances are, when it’s on your mind, you will get there faster than burying your head in the sand wishing and hoping for the weight to come off.

Let’s take a moment and figure out your numbers so you can reach your goals.

What is your current weight?

What is your goal weight?

Tip: Use an app to track both numbers. There are countless weight loss apps and we always have our phone near by. Track your progress each day and watch the graph move down towards your goals.

You Got This!

Rachel Seay

Owner of Inner Fit Studios


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