How is this 90 Day Challenge Different?

Over the past 12 years, Inner Fit has been running weight loss or “biggest loser” challenges. And every year we have had biggest “losers” winners who lose a lot of weight but my concern was always those who started off strong to win money and then fell to the side and disappeared.

Yes money can be a motivator, but as a coach, I would rather see our studio be successful as a whole and see a lot of results than just a few (not to take away from those who kicked ass on the past challenges bc that is hard to do!).

Which is why the 90 Day Challenge was create last year, to help everyone be successful and reach goals with a timeline because all goals need a time line.

January is a time where people do want to lose weight. We can feel the Christmas goodies sitting in our tight clothes and our energy is often low which can affect so many areas of our lives.

This 90 day challenge is about actualizing weight loss results by getting on the scale, keeping track of measurements and each week seeing changes through better food choices and fitness.

Why Join?

Going at a goal alone is hard. And the most challenging part is being accountable to your goal because real weight loss that stays off take time. There is no quick fix if you want to keep the weight off.

Right now you are being bombarded with marketing promising fast weight loss by joining a gym but over here at Inner Fit we know that kind of weight loss is dangerous. We know in order to lose weight, you have to work hard and in order to keep the weight off you need the support and continued consistency, not a loss weigh fast scheme to get your money in January. Inner Fit is about longevity.

We want to be part of your life and for you to be part of this community, not just a January sign up.

Joining this challenge means saying you are ready for a change and you would love to see results and we are here to help you!

What About Accountability?

We have had fun with an app called goose chase (fitness scavenger hunt) but this focus is individual (even though everyone will have a team of accountability friends), so you will has your own login and this is your chance to check in each day on a cool app and share what you did without being on social media. It’s a private place to share your daily process with only challengers. But don’t worry, we will explain how this all works at the kick off party!

We will also be doing some fun adventures together in the 90 day challenge to take our fitness outside and have some fun as a community!

What is a Healthy Amount of Weight You Can Lose in 90 Days?

I lost 25 lbs in the last 90 day challenge (pretty sure I put 3 lbs back on with my gingerbread lol) but I was super happy with that and cannot wait for the next challenge to begin! For me, the last 90 day challenge was an opportunity to lose more weight towards my bigger goal and learn more about my own habits. Each challenge is a step towards my bigger goal.

The coolest part was hearing from people that I had lost weight and they could see it. All I did was stay accountable to the one big goal I set and that was 10K steps a day no matter what and I gave up eating in front of the tv which was really hard but worth it. It was really about forming new habits. I still ate healthy carbs and enjoy treats from time to time but I created new life long weight loss habits that have helped.

Shannon Tilton lost a significant amount in her challenge last year along with so many of our past success stories and they are still members of the community maintaining their weight loss and we have seen so many varying numbers when it comes to weight loss but it’s very much possible.

But, it doesn’t happen unless you make the choice that you are ready and every goal needs a timeline and 90 days is where you can really start to see changes in people.

I invite all of you to take part. Yes, there is a cost because creating and running challenges take a lot of my time and we have fun booklet ready to go for you too not to mention content, the app, and measurements and weigh ins with the coaches and monthly goal sessions plus the kick off party!

Let’s make this 90 day challenge amazing and fun and full of results.

To join you must be a member of Inner Fit Studios and we invite you to start with our ten day free trial.

Visit us online at or send us an email at

Starts Friday January 17th 6pm-730pm

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