Who is the 16 Week Online Weight Loss Boot Camp For?

Anyone with a goal this year. 

When we set a goal, the hardest part is the follow through. We tend to set a goal when we are full of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes the motivation comes from not feeling good about our current state, sometimes you want more from life, and sometimes you simply want to feel healthier and have more energy.

Whatever the reason, it is awesome you are ready for a change or thinking about your health.

The problem with goal setting is life gets busy, and our best of intentions tend to fall to the side. Our “why” cannot compete with old engrained habits or busy lifestyles. And without the tools in place to create real change, our goals often lose their steam shortly after setting them and then next thing you know a few days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and then months turn into a full year, and the next thing you know your goal has passed you by. The hard part is when a goal has passed us by it affects us on an emotional level.

As a certified fitness coach for the past 20 years, I have seen incredible transformations. I have seen the busiest people with the odds stacked against them accomplish remarkable changes in their physical and emotional health. They literally changed the course of their life by making a decision that the time is now.

Once you make the decision that you are ready for change, the next step is understanding that change does not habit with one giant life change. It happens with small doable daily action steps that over time lead to huge results. Long term success stories come from people who lost a few pounds each week and over time those few pounds added up. That is how I lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off. I did not go on some crash binge diet or exercise myself to death. I made the process fun and rewarding and over time people started to notice the changes. Some weeks I saw weight loss and some weeks I didn’t, but I never let that discouraged me. I regrouped and kept going and I asked for help and support when I knew I needed it.

When it comes to helping people, nothing gives me more joy that seeing my clients regain their confidence and do things they never imagined possible. But with 2020 and Covid, I also saw people struggle with life and I knew going back to my roots with a program that worked so well for so many people needed to make a return. Many people shared with me they felt lost, stressed, tired, full of anxiety, and trying to hold it together. And with no change in sight for the next little while, why not have something to look forward to and that helps you reach your weight loss goals.

I designed the 16 Week Online Weight Loss Boot Camp Program with accountability and follow through at the forefront of my mind for the community. I know that people always have the best of intentions and really do want to improve their health and lose the weight, but it is hard. And that is why I designed this program using the Thinkific platform which provides a personal dashboard so you can easily follow along and reach lots of small goals along the way. This program is about giving you tools for success with the support of me, your coach, and a like-minded community who will cheer you on!

The dashboard is a place you go to each day for a quick check-in. You also have a place to connect with your community who are also on a similar journey. As you progress through the program, more content will be release and on your workout days, you simply login to the dashboard and you will see the link to join the workout. If you miss a workout, we will post the recording that day.

Weight loss is not easy, whether your goal is 10 pounds or a 100 pounds. It still takes the same principles of consistency, changes in nutrition, follow through and fitness. But with a program surrounded by like-minded people, your chances of success exponentially increase.

So if you are not sure if this program is for you, ask yourself what is your goal. Then next ask yourself, what do you need to be successful on accomplishing your goal. If your answer is accountability, follow through, a supportive team of coaches and community, and tools to make things easier then this is the program for you.

I have seen incredible changes in people on the inside and out from something as a simple as a 16-week program and I invite you to join us this January and invest in yourself.

To learn more, visit our website www.innerfitweightlossbootcamp.com or email me and I will happily answer your questions 🙂


Rachel Seay

BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Coach & Educator Since 1999

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