This Season’s Fitness and Weight Loss Goals

Are you ready to train with purpose to see results on the inside and out when it comes to your fitness and overall health? Are you ready to get back into a routine after the summer? Let’s use the fall season to succeed on your new goals!

Before we get started, let’s take a moment and talk about a goal timeline. I believe a season can be the perfect timeline for your goals. A goal needs to have a time frame that allows you to see progress and is realistic in terms of what energy you are willing to give your goal. That’s why I love setting goals each season and September to December gives you a realistic timeline for your goals and therefor today is a great day to prepare for your upcoming fall fitness season.

When it comes to goals, I use the acronym EOAP. Does the goal excite me? Does the goal have an outcome? Can I create an action plan for my goal? Does my goal serve a purpose in my life?

Is My Goal Exciting?

Let’s start by setting a goal that excites you. The goal needs must per personal to you. Saying you want to “lose 10 lbs” for the sake of losing 10 lbs isn’t enough to get you to the gym on a cold and rainy day. It is important to take time to jot down ideas when it comes to your goals. How do you find a goal that excites you? Ask yourself, what do you REALLY want for yourself and your fitness? Write out a bunch of goals that you can think of when it comes to fitness or weight loss. Is there something you want to be able to do such as 50 push ups, hiking a mountain, seeing a specific number on the scale? Once you wrote down those ideas, read each one out loud to a friend and ask your friend to tell you when your face expressed joy while reading the goal out. Keep searching until you find something that excites you.

Does My Goal Have an Outcome? What is the outcome and the why behind the goal?

Now that you have a goal that excites you, take some time to really understand what outcome this goal will bring you. What outcome do you want and why? How will you feel when you achieved your ideal outcome? How will your life improve by reaching your goal? Take some time to write it out and find the root of the goal (the why) and how it will impact your day-to-day life. For example, losing weight brings body freedom and the ability to do more things you may have not tried because of the weight because it brings you more confidence.

Next, you need to have an action plan in place…

How are you going to achieve the outcome of the goal? What changes do you need to make to sustain your progress? What are you going to do when the going gets tough? How are you going to celebrate the small wins? Who is going to be your accountability community/partner this fall? There are lots of moving pieces when it comes to goals. You must have an action plan in place, but this can be simple. Your action plan could be to attend 5 group fitness classes each week and have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. When your action plan is clear and simple, it is easy to follow through. Make your action plan part of your daily routine and habits. If you can join a program, the action steps are taken for you. Look into programs like our Women on Weights as the workouts and schedule is already done for you and that makes life much simpler.

And Finally, We Need to Find Purpose in our Goals

Purpose when it comes to fitness is about focusing on the small accomplishments. For example, I work out to simply feel better as my purpose every day. If you work out for the purpose of feeling better for your day, it starts to become part of your daily routine and who doesn’t want to feel better each day? I know that if I get a workout in I will have more energy, my brain is way sharper, and I sleep much better – therefore giving me more energy for the next day.

What purpose do your workouts bring to your day-to-day life? What purpose does eating healthy meals bring to your life? What purpose does having a goal serve for you?

A Little Reminder …

Many people get obsessed with the “accomplishment” of the goal, but they tend to miss the purpose behind setting a goal.

A goal is designed to move you forward. Let’s say you set a goal to feel better by losing 30 lbs so you could get into all your clothes instead of buying new ones. Now, let’s say you work hard and lose 27 lbs and creating healthy life habits. Does it matter that you didn’t lose those last 3 lbs? The answer is no. The goal moved you forward. You can always set a new goal and include those last 3 lbs, but we need to focus on the movement forward piece to succeed in our health and fitness goals.

A goal that excites me is …

The outcome of the goal is. ….

My action plan is …

The purpose behind my goal is

Take the time to plan our your goals for the upcoming season and always train and workout with purpose and intent as that will lead you to be successful in your goals. For more information about our fitness classes at Inner Fit Studios, visit us at


Coach Seay 🙂

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