Today I Cheated on my Juicer – Juicing Made Easy

We all know juicing is good for us. It’s a power pack punch full of high density green nutrients but let’s face it – juicing is a pain in the ass, and that’s why I cheated on my juicer.

I love my Breville juicer (when I make the time to juice). She is smooth, she makes delicious juice and she fills my body with the good stuff, however, cleaning her seems to be what stops me from juicing more frequently.

So while I was making my coffee, I looked over at my nutri bullet and thought “hmmmm how you doing?”

I know this isn’t rocket science and I know the whole point of a nutribullet is to juice with the extra fibre, but I had never thought to cheat on my juicer until today. Continue reading →

Look at them Go! 110 km Bike & Half Marathons – Way to Go Girls!

A big congrats to Karen, Heidi, and Rachel for completing the Vancouver Scotia Bank half marathon in the heat. These three have rocked their run training and used their “Fit Camps” to help with their strength training. Not only did they all do a great job on the run but they made it through in the summer heat. Way to go girls!


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