Rachel’s Why Behind Creating a 42 Day Challenge …

For the past 12 years, I have observed countless challenges at Inner Fit Studios. One person walks away as the big winner, losing the most % of body weight, while the others, who started off strong in the challenge, get frustrated and end up throwing their hands in the air while saying, “F&*$ IT!, I am not going to win anyway so what’s the point?.”

It’s a little bittersweet as the winners and close top 10 worked really hard, but several gave up fast.

What I love about any challenge is seeing those who did amazing and lost the weight. It’s such a wonderful thing to see when people achieve their goals and the results of their hard work is so inspiring!

On the other hand, what bothers me is only a handful of participants end up making an appearance for the final weigh-in.

Challenges are an incredible way to motivate people, but is it enough?

A “winner takes all” challenge, especially with a big financial amount in the “pot” does motivate people, but when they don’t win, it can actually have a damaging effect to a person’s self-confidence.

For the past few months (years actually), I have thought about how I could bring a challenge to the studio that wasn’t about the money or competition (easier said than done.)

We have become so used to the idea of having a “winner” that old habits die-hard and with anything “new”, I always receive a fair amount of pushback which I know is simply people’s fear of being vulnerable and fear of finding their own courage to make changes. Change isn’t easy but it’s what we need to do to grow as a person and if you aren’t growing they say you are dying.

This whole process has lead to many sleepless nights reading over survey responses, asking questions, taking notes and researching what it is that my community needs from me, the coaches, and a challenge.

The hard truth is – we all want to lose weight. When our bodies release unwanted body fat, our clothes fit better, fitness is easier and our confidence is boosted – there is no arguing those facts, but if losing weight makes us feel so good, then why is it so damn hard to lose weight?

The reason it is hard to lose weight is because it is overwhelming. In order to lose weight, you need to eat less bad foods, nourish your body with good foods and burn more fat through exercise (no brainer, its simple science) but it’s not that easy. We are overwhelmed as humans and trying to meet unrealistic expectations. Life is busy and we are putting everyone else’s needs first.

When we are overwhelmed by life, we often turn to what gives us a sense of relief and instant comfort and that is food so we eat and we eat and we eat. This leaves us feeling even worse about ourselves. So what do we do? We decide to go workout, but the HARD Truth is – you cannot out exercise bad food habits, period. And so … the cycle continues.

So how do you break that cycle? Sometimes I think this is the million dollar question or maybe it is actually so simple that we got lost and need to find our way back.

What I have discovered on my own journey of losing 70 lbs in 3 years (+ or – 10 lbs depending on the month lol) is people need simple tools that work, accountability, a reasonable period of time, and goals that have meaning to you, oh – and you need to keep your 6 basic human needs in check. When I feel “off” or unmotivated, I know I am missing something big I need to work on.

Humans have 6 basic needs: certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution. And when we are not meeting those needs, we lose our way. If we are not feeling significant for example, we turn to food. If our future feels uncertain, we turn to food. If we are not feeling loved, we turned to food. If we are bored (lacking variety), we turn to food. Our needs get lost and food is an easy solution.

When I created the 42 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I took those 6 basic needs to heart along with my research and asked myself, “how can I meet these needs for participants?” And the more I continued to ask myself this questions, the more the answers flowed and the 42 day challenge was born from 20 years of coaching experience and 20 years of learning from others.

My intention is to create a weight loss challenge about building self-confidence and creating intrinsic motivation to help everyone reach their weight loss goals.

  • This challenge is so much more than “weight loss” this challenge is about
  • Growth as a person

    Having strong focused goals that are achievable
    Creating accountability
    Helping connect people
    Body and self confidence
    Keeping things fresh and fun
    A clearly defined path for 42 days

Yes, you will have accountability tools like weigh-ins, measurements, photos but your greatest accomplishment throughout this challenge will be completing all 42 days and your measure of success will be defined by you when you set your goals and find your “why.”

Some may choose to focus on a measurement goal. Some a number on the scale. Some a recreational pursuit. And for some, it will be how they want to feel.

As Susan Kemp said it best, “Every challenge you learn something new about yourself. You get to add a new tool into your tool box that may help you down the road.”

Why Join the 42 Day Challenge? Let’s leave the old belief patterns of “I can’t lose weight” and transform them into “holy crap, I really lost the weight” and venture into something new that has nothing to do with external competition or money and everything to do with self-confidence and health. 

“It takes courage … to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” ― Marianne Williamson

Let’s take a chance and see what happens…

I hope you do join in because I believe in every ounce of my being that this really is going to help change the way we think about weight loss at Inner Fit Studios and help you FEEL FREEDOM from the burden of carrying unwanted body fat so you can experience how amazing weight loss feels and whether you lose it fast or you lose it slow, all that matters is you keep moving forward. 

The big question has been for members: What is my monthly fee paying for? Why do I have to pay for this challenge? Here is the simple answer – your monthly fee pays for your classes. It’s a fitness pass. Financial accountability plays a role in challenges. It’s you making a commitment to yourself.  Your coaches and myself are putting their time and effort into creating an amazing experience for you and everyone enjoys being compensated for their time 🙂

New to Inner Fit StudiosWelcome! I am inviting you to join and the best part is your registration includes 2 months of unlimited fitness with the best fitness community out there!

If you are ready, you can register on your app or online at www.innerfit42.com

With Love,

Coach Seay

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