How to Achieve Your Goal When You Don’t Feel Motivated?

They key to your success is the celebration of mini goals. Little goals along the way keep you proud of your self and help you feel like they are achievable.

Start with setting one small goal this week such as lose 3 lbs, attend 3 classes, weigh in each day for 7 days, or meal prep for 7 days.

Come up with a goal that excites you but that you do have to work towards, because nothing worthwhile is easy,

Create a goal that you know you can accomplish so you can do a celebration dance at the end of the week.

What’s your mini goal this week? Write it down somewhere in your office or on your phone that you will constantly have a visual of your goal so it’s on your mind.

An easy thing to do for a visual is a white board or chart with your goals on it.

At the end of the week, celebrate in a little way that you rocked it and write it down what you accomplished and at the same time, write down your next goal.

You Got This!

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