The Actual Cost of Falling off the Weight Loss Wagon

We all start weight loss programs with the best of intentions. We hope for health and happiness for ourselves and a little “me” time to boot.

When we start a weight loss program, whether it’s weight watchers, a new gym, or a running goal, it usually begins by hitting some form of “rock bottom.”

Rock bottom can be defined as different things for different people. Sometimes it’s a number on the scale we thought we would never see. Sometimes it is seeing ourselves in a photograph. And sometimes it’s as simple as not fitting into our favourite outfit. Regardless of the reason, we feel bad enough that we want a change.

So insert the super awesome plan you created for yourself and all these good intention promises topped with roaring motivation – seems like a no brainer you would smash your goals right? Wrong, if t were that easy, we would all be rocking our goal outfit.

The truth is, our intentions are good but it’s the simple act of consistency and self talk that kills the motivation.

Did you know that it is action that creates motivation, not the other way around. Meaning, if you really want to reach your goals, you must take consistent action.

When we jump on and off the weight loss wagon, it costs us our motivation and often it’s tied to our confidence because we fear that we took so much time off that you must start all over again, but that’s simply not true.

Take fitness for example, if you had been working out regularly for a period of time, on the inside your body got healthier and fitter. Taking even a month off won’t have much affect on you aside from maybe some cardio breathing but it comes back fast. It takes months and months of inactivity to lose your hard work.

The same goes for dieting. We clean out our fridges vowing to never touch those gummy bears or cheesy puffs again and next thing you know your face and shirt is covered in fake orange crumbs. Crash diets make you hungry and do harm to your hormones.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to let go of the bandwagon thinking. Never start a weight loss program because you hit rock bottom, start it because you simply want to feel better and have some “me” time. Begin with 2 days of exercise and on the other days walking. As the weeks go on, add more fitness and soon enough you will be what we call the “regulars” which is a compliment because they are so consistent in their fitness and it’s a part of their daily routine because they know how awesome they feel every time they workout.

Same goes for food, have a few cheats a week and eat lots of whole foods throughout the week

Leave the band wagons for the sports fans and do yourself a favour and start today with a workout that will leave you feeling good about yourself and an eating plan that is full of good food.

Your worthy of feeling good and seeing results but you must be consistent and no one will do it for you, you must do you.

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